Our experience is deep. Although the company itself is new, our directors bring together more than one hundred years of combined experience in international development, with a focus on the education sector.

Our experience is global. Our directors have worked in more than fifty countries over the past fifty years, including the Caribbean region, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. Our network of global contacts ensures that we understand the local context in which we work.

Our experience is broad. We understand the full scope of international development work, from early stage research through project completion. We understand how to work with multilateral lending institutions as well as bilateral agencies like USTDA and USAID.

Our network of subject-matter experts includes both academics and active practitioners in the field of education, with expertise ranging from early childhood education through university-level engineering programs, and all levels in between.

We connect people across the globe, giving them a way to share ideas and learn from each other. Our work makes the global community stronger.

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