We are pleased to provide the following samples of work.

Sample Case Studies

Edusystems Consulting created the following case studies for Eduteq Limited:

Samples of Writing

Following are articles written by our Senior Researcher and Writer, Sarah Lahey:

Samples of Design and Layout

We work with partner company Nei-Turner Media Group for design and layout services. Should translation services be required, we have partnered with another local firm, SWITS.

Click on any link below to view the pdf. Right-click to download. 

Magazines:  Nei-Turner Media Group publishes a number of different magazines as well as producing custom publications for their clients. 

Brochures:  In addition to producing multiple magazines, Nei-Turner Media Group has produced a wide range of marketing materials, including brochures.

Infographics: Nei-Turner Media has experience creating infographics in a wide variety of styles. 

Banners: Nei-Turner Media has experience creating digital banners for use on web sites as well as physical banners for use at events. 

  • Website banners: Please see examples of traditional web banner ads created by Nei-Turner Media on the website of their magazine, At The Lake.
  • Event banners: Nei-Turner has provided multiple examples of event banners. They have also created flag-style banners

Posters: Nei-Turner Media has created posters for a number of different events. 

Icons: The following examples contain multiple icons. 

We also work with Kathy Konkle when original icon designs are required. See her complete portfolio at: http://www.kathykonkle.com/icon-design/.

Translation: Our partner SWITS has the capability to take a document in one language, translate it, and place the translated text into the same layout and design using Adobe InDesign.

HTML5 graphics for web:
Nick Fox does our HTML5 graphic development, as well as any other complex web development work. See his complete portfolio at: http://knickfocks.com/

Static web pages: 
Nei-Turner Media Group has developed and maintains the following web sites:

Edusystems Consulting also does web development:

For more complex web development, we would work with Nick Fox to meet your requirements. See his complete portfolio at: http://knickfocks.com/

Cesar Pardo does our animation work. See his complete portfolio at: https://www.cesarpardo.com/1-2/

Other Design Products (but not books or other publications):
Nei-Turner Media have designed coupon books, bumper stickers, postcards, rack cards, glasses, t-shirts/apparel, note cards with envelopes, billboards, indoor and outdoor signage, certificates/awards, table tents, reply/survey cards, and posters. Learn more about their complete offering at https://ntmediagroup.com/marketing/.

See also Lakeshore Living magazine, produced by Nei-Turner Media, which contains a variety of page layouts and design features.